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[19 Sep 2005|07:01pm]

So...Alert to all, my new username is 0UTER_SPACE. The 0 is a Zero, just so you knwo. Add me and I'll add you back but this journal is friends only because some thingsa re just meant for some people. ADD ME NOW~


[16 Sep 2005|07:23pm]
[ mood | Stuck between here and there. ]

"I can hardly get myself out of the bed
for fear of never lying in this bed again."

Today blew chunks. Tomorrow will be better but not nearly enough to erase the memories of today, with the exception of one piece of greatness afterschool, shrouded in a lie.

I have 2 likes and 1 love who pays no attention to my existance, I have a family covered in a blanket of unhappiness and I have the confidence of a snail.

[15 Sep 2005|09:14pm]
[ mood | OVERWHELMED! ]

I am so frustrated with school that I feel -this close- to crying. Chemistry especially.

Chemistry, I missed Monday's lecture so I've been completely lost all week and Dr. Gray has been a tremendous help...YEAH EFFIN' RIGHT. I have a D in that class and I'd rather have an A or B in regular Chem than a D or F in Chem Honors. I'm giving it one more week then I'm out of there.

AP US is so overwhelming...Mr. Everhart is throwing assignments out left and right. As of right now, I'm missing a chart, an outline and a review which cannot be made up. I can't get out of that class but I'm gonna go and talk to him about getting them in for half credit because I am just so completely run down by school in general.

Creative Writing is fine.

AP Lang is frustrating too. I'm missing 4 event journals, have 4 more due tomorrow and didn't even bother to attempt the last vocab assignment. Tomorrow I have a novel critique due, 4 even journals and an 100 word vocabulary test.

I want to die right about now, I'm not gonna sleep tonight...really, if I do it'll be about two-three hours MAXIMUM! I hate my life. I think I'm gonna skip first period that way I won't have to take the test and I can just double another test grade I really cannot afford another F from Dr. Gray.



[10 Sep 2005|05:02pm]
[ mood | HOW ABOUT NO! ]

Today is Danielle's birthday party, and she has like 7 girls over here whatever. So I've been slaving all day to make sure the house is clean and nice for her birthday and then she tells me and her sister that we're not allowed to be in the room with her and her friends. They can kiss my butt. She just tells me, "Amanda, I'm opening my presents." and I shot her a dirty look and a sarcastic thumbs up. I don't care if it's her birthday, nobody treats me like an unwanted piece of dirt after I've spent my whole day cleaning and slaving for her. She can kiss my butt.


[05 Sep 2005|12:05am]
[ mood | Tired. ]

So this has been an interesting weekend.

Friday: I went to Jessica's afterschool. We stayed home, at Krystal Burgers and made a tent that fell on us when Adam and Carlos came to mess with us at like 3 a.m.

Saturday: (A.M.) We went to the art lesson at Rosa's. Edwin wasn't there, *sob* but we had fun anyways. Then we went home and decided to go the mall with Patti and her mother *CRINGE TO THE MAX*. I met the woman once and I hate her. She's the most annoying woman ever! (P.M.) After the mall Jessi got her nails done and we went to the purse guy. I bought a mini Louis Vatone(sp???) for $20 and decided that for Christmas I'm buying my mom, aunt, grandmother and older cousin purses and my dad and uncle get a jersey and Tay gets a wallet. Hopefully by then I'll have a job enough to afford all the purses but whatever. So we get home and Patti, Jimmy, Mercy, Her Husband come over and they start to party. They got a wee bit plastered and were really loud. Well me and Jessi had just fallen asleep when they started playing Salsa music REALLY LOUD right outside Jessica's room and started yelling over the music to talk and woke us up. Then Lily told Jessica she was being selfish and trying to ruin the fun whatever but we dealt with it until 3:30 when they left and we finally got some sleep.

Sunday: We got up and went shopping. I GOT MY HOMECOMING DRESS! It's so pretty. It's full-length and white and has silver designes all over it. I got pretty earrings to go with it too so now I just need some shoes. It was reduced from $129.99 to $19.98...I swear I almost shat myself. Then we opened a Fashion Bug charge account and got another like 20% so the total cost of my homecoming dress was $16.59!!! We had a barbeque tonight and the girls came over so that was okay, I guess.


[15 Aug 2005|07:35pm]
I haven't written in a while. School has been really crazee.

Austin's grandfather died today. He walked into school all huffy and I asked him, yah know, what's wrong, what's going on etc. etc. and he pulled me like six million feet away from our little AM group and told me and Oh My God, he started to cry soo much then I went to go get our books and I told Zach what was going on because Zach is one of our best friends and Zach was just like astounded because no one in our little group has ever had something like this happen. So it turned from me and Austin to me, Austin, Amanda K., Zach and Geoffrey overthere telling Austin it'd be okay and everything like that so I think it helped.

School has been insane...the work load is amazing and I don't know how I have time to sit here and type right now because of all the work I have to do tonight alone. Then I missed 1/2 of Thursday and all of Friday because I had a horrible stomach flu and it sucked my butt outloud...for real. So that's that. I would try to catch up on everyone's entries but I just do not have time right now. THis weekend I'll look through a couple pages and see what I can catch up with but everything is soo crazy.

[06 Aug 2005|09:22pm]
[ mood | too much work, no time ]

Today was as boring as boring could be.

The cabinet guy [who's hilarious] came over and started the cabinets and will finish them on Monday. They're pretty as crap...if crap was pretty, that is.

I started reading Before Women Had Wings today and I also bought Sometimes I Dream in Italian and will read that soon.

I cleaned the bird's cage today.

I have to still start all my homework. I started my current events journals, got two done before I realized I did them in pencil when the directions say ink. *hiss at ms. richman* So, I have to re-write those.

I have to do my research for the AP Research project. Me and my partner have to pick 20 events from the PIRATES categories, Political, Ideology, Religous, Artistic, Technically, Economically and Social categories and make both a graphic organizer and a visual representation of the stuff. Shawn, Saun, Sean, however you spell it, is an Art major and is gonna do the A,S,R and the Visual, I'm gonna do the P, I, T, E and the graphic organizer. I'm gonna do it all sketchy red stars and black lettering on white posterboard...it'll be sweet. I'm loving the black, white, red thing right now, as you can tell from my layout.


[05 Aug 2005|10:59pm]
[ mood | too much homework! ]

Today was really really cool...other than the INSANE amount of homework that I have. I'll start it in a wee bit.

funny things.
1. We had a detailed discussion about taking Zach to get his butt waxed...he'd do it, too, which is the scary thing.
2. I made him do a dance for information on his ex-girlfriend. I told him I'd tell him the secret if he danced, I didn't care what kind of dance but just a dance and we relived the last dancing moment he and I had where he stripped then scared the crap out of me by acting like a monkey and I got it on videotape through the eyes of my camera, haha.
3. We had a little kung-foo fight moment which was hot.
4. I walked in to the middle of he and Paul's convo, and guessed completely out of the blue what they were talking about...haha. Then I tripped over Paul's backpack and the two of them had a nice laugh.

I'm off to do Chem. homework, AP Lang homework, CW. Homework and of course AP Reasearch...Research.


[04 Aug 2005|08:26pm]
All my entries from now on are not going to be friends only. I mean, I have nothing to hide and if my friends out of LJ wanna come and comment to me than I'd like them to wanna do that so from now on, this journal is unlocked.

Hey there everybody! [11 Sep 2004|11:03pm]
[ mood | *YAWN* ]


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