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wish you were here

so i could stab you

12 February
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My name's Amanda. I'm sixteen and a junior at Blake High School of the Arts. I'm a Creative Writing major but I play guitar and have done a few plays. I love livejournal and making icons. Feel free to visit rockme_icons my iconjournal and take. Credit is required though, please remember that.

alloy kiss,blink 182, boxcar racer, chris gaines, dido, elvis, fallout boy, frou frou, garth brooks, gwen stefani, him, incubus, johnny cash,just in time, keane, kelly clarkson, lacuna coil, my chemical romance, no doubt, outkast, problem solved, pink floyd, queen, rob thomas, smashing pumpkins, snow patrol, south county corruption, steriogram, the eagles, underoath, village people, wednesday's gone, xxx, your mom (real band in tampa), zenith riders.

animals, books, cats, dogs, extra gum, friends, getti's, hello kitty, ice cream, jokes, killing people, love, music, notions, opera, photography, quiet, resonating sounds, television, ugly people

teh_indy, blimey_icons, spaceyme, quebelly among others whom I've probably forgotten, no offense.
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